The Pet Gundog

a common sense approach to gundog training

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The Pet Gundog - Comments

Paperback: 140 pages
Published: December 2011
ISBN : 978-0-9570051-1-2

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I just wanted to congratulate you on your book. I've had Golden Retrievers for the last 25 years, and currently have Dudley (aged 3) and Charlie (aged 1). The picture below was taken this weekend. Charlie was just soaked but Duds had decided to roll in some wet bonfire ashes.
I have read numerous dog training books and also attended a residential course run by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers but your book is by far the best advice I have received. It has made me rethink how I interact with Duds and Charlie and has already produced results in the few days since I got your book.
If I were a breeder I would provide a copy of your book with each puppy.
Dudley and Charlie

"We started selling Lez’s two books (The Pet Gundog and The Advanced Pet Gundog) late last year and since then they have out-sold all our other gundog training books by more than ten times! The books are a joy to read; written in an infectious, informative style, full of good humour and incisive observations of dog behaviour. Indeed, it’s Lez’s background in canine psychology that set these books apart and her advocation not only of training the dog, but also teaching the dog self control inspires enthusiasm to ‘get out there’ and put it to the test."
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Graeme Miller, JustGundogs

"Having been training and breeding gundogs for over 10 years now I am always on the look out for a good training book. My book shelves groan with various tomes giving advice on how to successfully train a dog. Until recently I have not found a book, DVD, or video that truly reflects my ideas on leadership skills and living with a dog. Many of my trainees are looking for help with a gundog that is also a house dog and I would love to be able to confidently recommend one to them. Now, at last, a book that addresses this situation with good sound advice given in clear language. Lez avoids all the 'gundog speak' that confuses the average pet gundog owner and she gives us great stratagies for getting the best from our dogs. Even if you never intend to go into the shooting field this book is a must for all those living with a gundog breed. Should you intend to work your dog on a shoot then you will find all the basic training skills needed here to set you off on the right path. The training methods suggested are all kind and 'hands off' which is as it should be. Gone are the days of 'breaking' a dogs spirit to make it work. All good modern trainers get their dogs to work for them from choice using positive re-inforcements while understanding a lot about how a dog's mind works. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to my clients and we look forward to an advanced training book if Lez can find the time to put pen to paper once more!"

This book has something for everyone and is not just for owners of gundogs. Lez writes with a wealth of experience and a wonderful sense of humour making this such an enjoyable and informative read about understanding and training our pet dogs.

"Thank you so much for the book which arrived yesterday. You have pointed out all my failings so eloquently, although it is quite reassuring to know I am after all just a typical primate. I am sure it will be a great success and every gundog owner should have one on their Christmas list. Congratulations you must be very proud of it. I will certainly be recommending it."

"Your book is a great read thanks very much"

"A tremendous read that should have been written years ago!"

"The book is AMAZING and I am not going to give too much feedback at this stage as I have made a lot of notes to offer my review and I have not finished it yet, suffice to say I am hooked and am reading my dog very very differently."

"I like to say a big thank you for writing this book. This has given me a great insight into the order of the dog pack. I have not finished the book yet, but felt that I had to say how impressed I've been so far. I have already made head ways into changing my position within the pack by using the blocking and herding techniques which means I now am the first person though the door each time. My pack of two spaniels are now out of the bedroom, sitting away from the table while the human pack eat, and only get invited up onto the sofa when the humans want our hounds next to us, now and then. I have still got a long way to go, that means I got a lot more the learn about communicating with my dogs, but I'm sure with the guidance of 'The Pet Gundog' I will have mannered dogs and a happier homestead."

"Thought you would like to know how useful I have found your new book for working with my 18th month old Welsh Springer, Glen.We are completing our 4th week on the long line training and using the recall whistle with reward and praise.The line has been dropped for short periods and his recall is variable but he has an eye for me much more now and I know this will take time so I am not rushing the stages. The 'silent' method at doorways and my use of blocking and claiming space is good and understood by the dog as you said. The retrieve is a challenge and we seem to have got somewhere with the component parts with the emphasis on fun but I'm about to use the line for that too. I also like the way you have distinguished between training and developing the dog's self control - an important point I think. I have found your ideas reassuring for this very receptive dog who is so guided by his nose. He has been my most challenging dog so far but thanks to your little book I am gaining confidence and feeling a sense of achievement in our working relationship. I only wish you could see work in progress and correct my mistakes!"

"Lez thank you for all your valuable help. I will continue to study your book as it's without doubt one of the best I've read."

Sound advice, logical read not barking up the wrong tree with this one! Enjoyable way to bring the young pup up!

Excellent book, well written, easy to read and amazingly easy to follow instructions & the dogs love following the exercises!

Best gun book I have read to date! Highly recommend to anyone wishing to train their pup to have some decent manners or even impeccable ones! It's very readable, for everyone, and just thoroughly practical with great ideas.
Thank you Lez Graham for writing it and making training "available" without having to spend a fortune.

I have read many books on training puppies as this is my fourth dog I train. But this book would be in my top favourite as it is written in an easy, understandable way. above all, it's really delivers a good dose of reality check of what it means to have and train dogs. I did not give it a full rating simply becasue I did not think that its content was somehow exclusive to gundogs as house pets. I would rather say it is for everyone who wants their dogs to be happy dogs, but only as dogs without attaching human emotions to them while having some control over them.

I bought this book after we got our first 'pet' gundog who had spent the first 11 months of her life in gundog training. Lez writes clearly - everything is informative and friendly and down to earth. It's easy to read and easy to understand, not full of gundog terminology and it certainly doesn't make a 'pet' gundog owner feel like an outsider at an exclusive club! Lez obviously loves her dogs and her insights into their behaviours and motivators are excellent.
But, most importantly, the results we've had from using this book have been astounding. Using Lez's instructions, our 'pulling-on-the-lead' dog has disappeared almost immediately, and we're making steps forward every time we practice. It's amazing - we're happier and our dog is happier too.
Money well spent and a highly recommended read.

I am in the process of reading up again prior to getting a second 'pet' gun dog. This is a new title added to my ever expanding collection and stands out as one of my must re-read books. It is by far one of the easiest to understand, and quite challenging in the light it sheds on dogs behaviour. I particularly like the way there runs a comparable theme through the book of how families function, both canine and human, very thought provoking in the remarkable similarities. Whilst it may appeal to 'gun dog' pet owners by it's title, it really has equal value for a 'non gun dog' type breed if you want to understand more about your dog. Great read, excellent value with pictures demonstrating the exercises.
Highly recommended

Excellent book. Clear, concise and nicely laid out. Rather than a general description of what should be done, it provides pretty much a timetable to follow, when adapted to the individual dog. Very much a practical guide.