The Pet Gundog

a common sense approach to gundog training

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The Pet Gundog Puppy - Reviews

Paperback: 176 pages
Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN : 978-0-9570051-2-9

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“When reading this book, I feel excitement; it mirrors my own thoughts on what all new puppy owners need to know before they obtain their new companion and I just want everyone to read it! This thorough, inspirational guide to raising and training a dog should be a mandatory read for all who are thinking of owning a puppy or who have recently acquired one - whether that be a Gundog breed or not.

Lez has made huge strides within the Gundog training community to promote motivational training techniques to achieve happy, focussed and reliable pet and working dogs. If you have purchased this book to help you understand and to train your new puppy, then you (and your puppy) are very lucky indeed and in the best possible hands.”

Ross McCarthy MA Professional Practice (Canine Behaviour & Psychology)

"Lez Graham has produced a cheerfully readable account of how to train the pet gun dog, which really is a guide to the basic principles of dog training. She guides us through the early stages of puppy ownership in a down to earth, no nonsense manner with a light hearted and sometimes humorous touch, never losing sight of the importance of two different species sharing a social relationship in harmony together.

Her enthusiasm for the task of dog training shines through in this text and this is infectious, making even the novice feel that improving their relationship with their canine friend is achievable. This is an interesting read and a welcome addition to the home of any dog lover."

Carol Hayes

"As a first time puppy owner this book told me what to expect and what to do. Also great that everything is explained and looked at in a positive light - a real life affirming practical read and experience."

Lawrence Wilde