The Pet Gundog

a common sense approach to gundog training

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The Pet Gundog Puppy - Comments

Paperback: 176 pages
Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN : 978-0-9570051-2-9

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"I bought the first book in this series based on gun dog training a puppy as we already own a 2 yr old working bred Lab and we are getting our new addition a working bred lab in 5 week time . I would just like to say what a fantastic book this is and I wholeheartedly would recommend it to anyone who is considering getting a gun dog puppy or just any puppy to read this book as it is very informative , about what you should look for in search of a puppy and then how to help settle your puppy in to its new home and the training techniques are very well explained and very easy to follow. I enjoyed this first book so much that I have ordered the other two books and really can not wait to receive them as I know I can bring my existing dog on from where he is at now by following the techniques in the books. This book really is a must have."

"Read this book about three times now, its a great read and been brilliant in training my dog."

"If only I had read this before my first puppy had arrived. A really easy to understand, easy to read guide. Lez explains the why and how which once you understand what is going on in their little heads makes training so much easier."

"Well written, knowledgeable and informative with a chatty style. Excellent DVD charting the progress of Dante the black Labrador."

"The first book on training that has provided a blow by blow (not literally) account of how to train the puppy. Very concise and practical. It is working very well."

"Practical and realistic about what will happen and what to do - I cannot recommend this book/DVD highly enough - very puppy-person friendly."

"A brilliant help to training a lunatic gundog puppy! Very down to earth and easy to read - my only trouble with it was she had a labrador and I have a spaniel ! Not quite so biddable and far more excitable still this was the most helpful book I have ever found and would recommend it to anyone with a gundog puppy who is also a member of the family."

"I bought this as I'm just about to get my first puppy, a working type Cocker Spaniel. I'm a professional dog walker, so already know my stuff when it comes to dogs, but you wouldn't believe how brain dead you suddenly go when you have to put knowledge into practice! This book is AMAZING - I haven't put it down since I got it, and its SERIOUSLY good - its all laid out for you, its an easy-interesting read and it all makes sense!!!"

"This book is a godsend. I am about half way through the book with my 9 week old puppy, and it has been a constant companion. The techniques have worked so well, and after 2 nights we were getting a full nights sleep and the puppy dry all night. The book is an easy read packed full of advice on how create a lovely bond with your dog and gives you a chronological guide of things to do. I love the fact that the author shares her own experiences good and bad. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone getting a puppy regardless of whether its going to be a Gundog."