The Pet Gundog

a common sense approach to gundog training

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The Advanced Pet Gundog - Comments

Paperback: 120 pages
Published: October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9570051-0-5

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"I finished the book, 'The Advanced Pet Gundog' and found it truly inspiring. It is easy reading. I found the explanation of the exercises easy to follow. I found the explanations on the physiology of the dog very interesting along with the chapters on the shooting world and how the gundog breeds fit into the shooting world. It was funny in parts and you have a knack of bringing dog training down to earth. One can be put off, by all the psycho babble that is written and spoken about nowadays. Well done you for writing such a book, I'm sure it will help a lot of gundog breed pet owners and owners with gundogs that intend to use them on shoots.
Congratulations on your Masters degree, you are obviously working hard to keep your knowledge of dogs very much at the forefront of all the training and behaviourist work, that you do. The fact that you pass this knowledge on to people through the written word and through training sessions is I find a most unselfish act.
I shall look forward to the next book with anticipation."
Dave B

"Every dog owners' home should have a copy of The Advanced Pet Gundog by Lez Graham whether or not they are lifetime dog owners or new to owing dog(s). Both this new book and Lez's previous book, The Pet Gundog, gives inspiration and sense to those wishing to have a happy dog. The books cover all aspects of dog training whether you want a happy companion, a gundog for working, or an obedient dog. After a lifetime of dog ownership I have learn't something new from these books. The Advanced Pet Gundog encourages owners to enjoy their dog training and I will be delving back into it. I fully recommend the book and I hope other dog owners will as well."
Pat Haddrell (Mrs)
Irish Red & White Setters.

"Having read David Nicholson's review in Shooting Times I bought both books, The Pet Gundog and The Advanced Pet Gundog. Lez Graham really understands dogs. The books, as well as being easy to read, have exercises that are easy to follow. I'm now looking forward to putting what I've read into practice."

"We started selling Lez’s two books (The Pet Gundog and The Advanced Pet Gundog) late last year and since then they have out-sold all our other gundog training books by more than ten times! The books are a joy to read; written in an infectious, informative style, full of good humour and incisive observations of dog behaviour. Indeed, it’s Lez’s background in canine psychology that set these books apart and her advocation not only of training the dog, but also teaching the dog self control inspires enthusiasm to ‘get out there’ and put it to the test."

Graeme Miller, JustGundogs

"This is a fantastic book and I wish I had it years ago. It explains all you need to know in easy language. The complete series of Pet Gundog is marvellous and helps understand not only the dogs behaviour but training it as well."

"Very readable. And the follow up book is the perfect if you wish to progress your dog further. Highly recommend."

"If you have followed the training outlined in 'The Pet Gundog' Lez Graham's excellent advanced training will be of no surprise in the Advanced Pet Gundog.
For anyone not familiar with Lez and her books i can fully recommend any of her training methods (and books) for the simple reason that they work. You really don't have to be a professional gundog trainer to get the finished product.
If you follow the easily understandable advice you start to see it all fit together.
The book is written with each exercise taken in stage. Photographs break down exactly what is required and a good dolop of common sense is heaped on top. Lez explains what its all about and how to achieve the end result.
If your looking for a book that takes you step by step through the training of a gundog look no further, your search is over."